Life Hack: How to Get The Most Out of Your Day

People have different stories to tell, are in different life stages, are facing various life challenges, and are enjoying different life successes. While these variables are true, there’s this one thing that is truer and remains the same for each and everyone — we all get the same 24 hours in the day!
How To Make Money At A Young Age

We send our kids to school for so many reasons: to learn, to discover and hone their skills and talents, to be able to socialize and make friends, to have fun, and to prepare them for the real world. 
Those are all good reasons for children to stay in school but Big Dreams Small Pockets has a bigger vision — 
Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship knows no age, gender, education level, civil status, and social class. None of these factors can hinder you from being an entrepreneur. 
It is a matter of dreaming big and putting your dreams into action.
Whether you have a 9-5 job but you want to make money on the side or you called employment quits and withdrew all your life savings—    
Why Social Media is Important to Your Business

Did you know that there are 3.4 billion active social media users in 2019? 3.5 billion as of writing. Social media does not only allow people to stay connected but it is also a great avenue for us to express freedom of speech. No wonder why almost half of the planet’s population has social media accounts.
However, social media is not only for individuals or celebrities.
Email Segmentation Strategies You Need to Try

Email list segmentation is a strategy used to successfully improve the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. It is a way of dividing email subscribers into smaller sections based on specific categories. These criteria include geographic location, interests, purchase history, and more—
How to Grow Your Email List Faster

According to research, 84% of the Americans use the internet. This is the exact reason why email is the most effective form of Digital marketing; it is cost-efficient, a highly-engaging way to connect with your leads, and a powerful shot to push sales — 

How to Turn Detractors to Promoters

Any business avoids angry customers or detractors. But if you really think about it, negative feedback from dissatisfied customers are not always ‘negative’ because it actually gives you the business a chance to improve the quality of your product and/or customer service experience. Take advantage —

6 Signs That You’re a Micromanager

Being a hands on business owner is a good sign that you are dedicated and driven. You do things in your capabilities to ensure that your goals are met at your desired pace. However, it is a totally different story when you cannot draw a clear line between being hands on and a micromanager.—

The Important Role of Color in Brand Strategy

Did you know that over 90% of consumers put high importance in visual look and color above all other factors when shopping?
One of the critical aspects of marketing is color as this has a direct psychological influence to users. Color psychology in marketing and branding  — 
7 Amazing Tips on How to Improve Your Customer Service
Whether you like it or not, customers can make or break a business. Happy customers can easily be your brand ambassadors for free! Customers who are content and well-pleased share their good experience with family and friends which in return can—.        

Effective Delegation Tactics for Busy Entrepreneurs

There are two kinds of leaders whether in the corporate world or in their own business: the first type is the one who aces task delegation and the other type is the one who fears delegation. For some entrepreneurs, delegation is not an option because they fear a job—  
Different Ways to Thank Your Customers This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! During this special occasion, families and friends gather together to reflect how blessed everyone was all throughout the year. But do you know who else is even more grateful? The business owners! Thanksgiving is also the perfect time for entrepreneurs to— 

4 Ways to Get COVID-19 Relief for Small Businesses

After the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended social distancing in an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, almost everyone in the country practiced home-isolation. This life-threatening pandemic hit not only our health but also—             
7 Things Every Small Business Should Automate

As old and as plain as it goes, “Time is gold”. This is especially true for growing a business. Entrepreneurs need all the time they could get to be able to plan and implement actions that bring the business to their desired direction. Hence, saving time through automation is one of the smartest things to—                     
Tips How to Juggle Work and Kids at Home During Pandemic

As we ease into the new normal caused by the Corona Virus, parents adjust as they shuffle responsibilities between work and raising kids at home. However, this new arrangement can be overwhelming for parents who are used to working in an office while their children stay—                                                              
Free Tool Must-Haves for Solopreneurs

You might be hearing the word “Solopreneurs” more frequently for the last few years and this is because more and more entrepreneurs choose to go solo. Running a business with just a one-man team might be challenging but the advantages of working on your own evens everything out. 
Many individuals prefer to work without being supervised—

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