This show was started in 2018 by the two co-hosts Velly & Ashhole who met at Stony Brook University. From the dorms to the studio, this show is the manifestation of their goal to help their audience with their Big Dreams. Allowing Velly & Ashhole to share advice that has helped them thus far and share their mistakes for others to learn from.  Learn more about each host below!


When Ashhole isn't recording episodes of "Big Dreams Small Pockets" with her co-host, she is running her company, The Essentiels LLC. A company dedicated to providing everyday essential services to businesses and individuals alike. The Essentiels LLC is the parent company to up and coming brands such as Essential Marketing Firm, a digital marketing agency providing services like web/graphic design and social media marketing; Essential Nail Growth, a natural nail company dedicated to mental health as it relates to nail growth; and Essentials Des Femmes, a health and beauty brand providing everyday tools for women. Since starting The Essentiels LLC in 2018, Ashhole has taken on many personal projects. Her most recent being, Cosplay, Event Coordinating, Baking and Dancing. To learn more about Ashhole follow any of the brands or to ask her a question, visit the link below. 


When Velly is not recording for Big Dreams Small Pockets she is working on SHIVI, her hair care company. Shivi hair care is a line that provides natural hair products as well as accessories to ensure that the everyday natural is taken care of. Velly's goal for Shivi is to ultimately branch off into a multi faceted brand that allows her to express her creativity in every way possible. Velly is studying to specialize in mental health to become a therapist and eventually go on to obtain her PhD in clinical psychology at Long Island University. Velly plans to open her own research facility where she can provide the proper care for the under privileged. She intends to give back by becoming a traveling therapist starting in the Caribbean islands and spreading awareness about the importance of mental health. Velly loves to travel and create memorable experiences. She's super silly and wants everyone to see that each success story starts with one step.     
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You’ve read all the articles. You’ve watched all the webinars. You’ve lined up your social posts… you might have even gone the extra mile and designed some fancy Insta story slides.

You’ve put emails together, you might have even designed and developed a funnel, and you’ve been telling your audience that something is coming… soon.

I mean, even if it’s just your high school friends on Facebook, surely there are people on your social network who are going to buy. Right? Right??

Then… you hit launch.

But – you don’t get the reception you’re hoping for. The excitement stars to fade a little. Ok, a lot. Let’s give it some more time, you think to yourself… people haven’t had a chance to really see or understand it yet.

But days pass and you still find yourself refreshing your online payment software and not really seeing the balance go up.

People aren’t sliding into your DMs.

Do people even care? Should you have really bothered?

It already took so much for you to put yourself out there, so the fact that the launch is bombing is making you feel even worse.

You feel like you’ll never be able to quit your full time job… or be able to work on this project comfortably full time. You’re not sure how anyone else around you is doing it…

You did all the right things.

Yet you got all the wrong results.

Sound familiar?

I know this all too well because I was you.

And guess what? I didn’t wake up one day, listen to a guru and turn my entire life around within a matter of weeks.

I didn’t go from six figures in debt to six figures in profit in a few months.

I know you might be used to reading those success stories online but I’m here to be real with you.

Wanna know a secret? Some of those entrepreneurs sharing their grand money stories are still struggling to consistently launch their business or products and services time and time again.

Let me tell you… I struggled my way through this phase for a really long time too.

I was launching and re-launching the same product every single month, using different offers and discounts, changing up the messaging…

And still not making more than a few hundred dollars when I did so.

I struggled to even see a time that I’d be able to make $5,000 consistently every month.

“If I can just do that”, I thought, “I can commit to doing this full time and not have to be in constant fight or flight mode because I’m worried I can’t pay my bills.”

Yep, that was the goal. To just be able to pay my bills.

It took me 2 years of trying on my own before I made any real money from a launch.

And let me tell you… 2 years is a LONG ASS TIME.

Wanna know what kept me playing small? Not asking for help.

Oh and not because I didn’t want to… I really didn’t know that there were mentors out there who were sharing their secrets on how to actually do this stuff.

I’m talking about waaay before this space blew up on social media… and Google wasn’t helping me out much either.

I was trying to hack together 100 things at a time, trying absolutely everything and exhausting myself in the process.

I started to get my revenue up to between $2,000 and $4,000 a month, so I was seeing traction, but after costs it wasn’t really where I wanted to be.

(oh, and this was way before I was running BossBabe…)

Anyway — I decided to go back to the drawing board and start again.

After a couple of months of getting everything lined up, I got ready to launch.

A few weeks after hitting “GO”, I realized I had my first $25,000 month.

Then, a month later I saw that I’d had a $30,000 month…

And from then on, my monthly income started to rise and rise.

I can’t even tell you the amount of times I wanted to give up, but I didn’t.

This is possible for YOU. Whether you can believe it right now or not.

I’ve been there, I’ve done the work, I’ve had enough of the struggle… to be able to show you what to and what NOT to do.

We can help save you the headache (or migraine, lol) and show you what it really takes to be selling out your programs and hitting your monthly revenue goal constantly and consistently.

It isn’t rocket science, it’s just a really well designed framework that plays to your strengths.

Maybe you’re feeling like you’ve hit a ceiling because you’ve burned out your current audience. They’ve heard about what you’re selling millions of times , and if they were interested, you know they’d have already bought by now.

You feel like growing your audience would help, but spending time on that part of your business would mean you see other parts suffer.

You’re done with being on this hamster wheel and you’re ready to see your business grow and grow month after month…

Without having to frantically figure out ways to bring in new revenue at the end of every single month.

Am I getting it right?

Or maybe that’s not a problem for you at all. Things are going really well and your business is growing…

The problem is that this growth is reliant on you.

You’re the one behind all of the successful launches and even though you’ve tried to delegate in the past, you feel like no one does it like you do.

You can’t see a time where you can step away from this and make as much, and definitely not more, money than you are right now.

Maybe you’ve got some support and they’re doing a good job with specific tasks you’re delegating…

But no one is the master mind behind your launches taking care of it all and making sure you’re not just doing the same thing over and over again…

No one is innovating and looking at new features to add into your funnels or figuring out how to optimize them to be better than they’ve ever been before…

You’re beginning to wonder whether these unicorns even exist…

And if they do, why would they come on board to support with your business VS going and doing it for themselves?

Sound familiar?

Whichever situation you’re facing right now, I want you to know and believe one thing.

You’re going to be able to move past this and grow…

Even if you can’t see past your frustration and exhaustion right now.

I know your situations so well because I’ve been in all of them. I’ve been doing this online business thing for a really long time and I’ve hit all 5 phases of the launch stages I mentioned above.

And guess what? I’ve worked through them each time… not necessarily easily, but I got to the other side. 

I for sure have been in a situation where my launches were killing it, making more and more money each time… until they didn’t anymore because my audience at the time had heard it all before and decided it wasn’t for them.

I panicked that I’d reached my peak and everything was downhill from here…

I thought I was going to lose everything I’d spent time building and would have to figure out an entirely new business model because I just couldn’t see how I’d scale what I had…

But business is a series of peaks as well as troughs, and if you continue doing it right, you’ll only keep climbing higher and higher.

Yet, wanna know something?

My launches are continuing to do better and better… ones of the exact same product, to the exact same audience… because I’m doing things differently. This is what we teach inside of Online Launch School.

I also remember closing doors after one launch… things had gone incredibly well and we’d made more money in our entire launch history.

Time for celebration, right? Wrong.

I’d taken my eye off the ball in other parts of my business because I’d been leading this launch, which meant my email inbox was overflowing, I had demands coming out of my ears and I was completely behind on what I wanted to achieve that month.

The launch celebration was short lived as I opened up my Gmail account, took a deep breath and dove into all of the things I’d had to neglect over the past week.

It was time to take a step back from being the one who strategized and lead our launches from then on…

But the idea of doing that was terrifying. None of our team even had experience leading launches, never mind at the revenue level we were used to playing at.

I knew I had no choice if I wanted to keep scaling AND keep my sanity. You feel me?!

So – we took to a conference room with an extra large whiteboard and we started to teach our team everything we knew about strategizing and executing a successful launch.

Fast forward a couple of months, not only did this WORK, but they exceeded our last launch and made even more money than we were used to making. This outcome was far beyond anything I expected and we’ve continued to see this be the case as our business has grown.

It’s THAT strategy session, with our team and a whiteboard, that inspired this course you’re seeing right now.

We knew that if we were facing this problem, other people were too. So, we put pen to paper and created what you now know as Online Launch School.

If you’re feeling like you’re too exhausted to even train up your team, I’m here to tell you to put your feet up and stop worrying. We’ve got this.

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